Jiangsu Jiecheng New Energy Technology LTD

Headquartered in Shenzhen, Jiecheng New Energy is a state-level high-tech enterprise. The company is positioned in the new energy low-carbon environmental protection industry, focusing on the whole industrial chain resource cycle of new energy lithium electricity recycling, and is a leading enterprise in China's new energy and new material resource cycle industry.

With the mode of resource matching technology and industrial supporting capital, through top-level design, Jiecheng New Energy has completed the layout of the whole industrial chain of lithium battery recycling with the headquarter of Shenzhen Group as the center and Huizhou, Jiangmen and Jiangsu industrial bases. In the preparation of industrial parks for comprehensive utilization of several production bases across the country, its business scale and annual comprehensive processing capacity are in a leading position in the industry.

Jiecheng New Energy focuses on the research and development, recycling, storage, processing and sales of waste materials related to the recycling and reuse of decommissioned power batteries for new energy vehicles and lithium batteries. At present, the industrial chain layout is complete, including the recycling and procurement of decommissioned lithium batteries, storage and transport, step utilization, dismantling and recycling and metallurgical refining. The company adopts advanced harmless treatment and recycling technology to realize the "green" recycling treatment of decommissioned batteries.

                                Zhejiang New ERA Zhongneng Recycling Technology LTD

Zhejiang New Era Zhongneng Recycling Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2015, with a registered capital of 360 million yuan, is located in Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shaoxing Hangzhou Bay, Zhejiang Province, the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta with convenient transportation and complete supporting facilities. It covers an area of 300 mu and has 500 employees, focusing on providing high-value services in the new energy industry. It is a national high-tech enterprise, carrying out the characteristic business of step recovery and recycling of decommissioned power lithium batteries to promote the closed-circuit cycle of resources. The company has completed the decommissioned lithium batteries and cobalt nickel resource cycle projects. With an annual output of 12,000 tons of cobalt salt, 10,000 tons of nickel salt, 5,000 tons of manganese tetroxide, 8,000 tons of lithium carbonate, 3,000 tons of iron phosphate scale, mature technology, the cost is better; The Jiangxi base has the capacity to disassemble 50,000 tons of decommissioned lithium batteries annually, with a high degree of automation and environmental protection

                                              Quannan Ruilong Technology Co., Ltd

Quannan Ruilong Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2016, focuses on the industrial-scale utilization of EV LiBs and digital LiBs through physical crushing and hydrometallurgical recycling. It is now one of the largest entities to process EoL batteries in China. We built a 40,000-ton LiBs crushing capacity solely using used LiBs as our raw material, and we plan to expand it to 100,000 tons by 2022 to match our current production capacity of 25,000 tons of CoSO4, 25,000 tons of NiSO4, and 5,000 tons of Li2CO3, while increasing sales from RMB 700 million in 2021 to about 2 billion in 2022. With our outstanding production technique and R&D expertise, we wish to be a major force in the industry, helping to build a zero-carbon civilization

                                        Jiangxi Miracle Golden Tiger Cobalt co.,Ltd

Founded in 1984, Miracle Group is committed to serve the whole lifecycle of automobile industry, from car manufacturing, intelligent equipment, car shredder, and lithium battery recycling.

Our clients are including Benz, BMW, AUDI, FORD, GM, Chrysler, TOYOTA…

As a leader in battery recycling industry, Miracle developed a full range of technologies in last decade, from classification-disassembly-crushing-hydrometallurgical recovery, to deliver battery grade materials, including lithium carbonate, cobalt sulfate, nickel sulfate, manganese sulfate, and cobalt oxide.

Currently, Miracle has 50,000 tons annual capacity for NCM battery recycling. A new 250,000 tons plant for LFP battery is under construction and is expected to be in operations in 2023.  

Miracle is exploring our international path for battery recycling since recently. Our goal is to seek local partners, to utilize our technologies fulfilling the obligations of the Extended Producer Responsibility and meeting the requirement of critical mineral material to be recycled locally within its country.

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