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Bebat & Sortbat(Collecting & Sorting)

Bebat is a not-for-profit association (vzw) founded in 1995 by battery producers and ensures that companies can meet their legal take-back obligation. Bebat  is responsible for collection, sorting and recycling. At more than 24,000 collection points across the country, used batteries can be deposited free of charge. In 2022, Bebat collected more than 3,700 tonnes of batteries

SK TES  Rotterdam(Li-ion Battery Recycling)

SK TES a global leader in electric vehicle battery recycling services is a subsidiary of SK tes, a global leader in sustainable IT technology lifecycle solutions, which in turn is part of SK Ecoplant, a Korean multinational in sustainable development.

Stena Recycling(Recycling & Cascade utilization)

Stena Recycling is one of Europe’s leading recycling companies and operates in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Poland, Italy and the US. We work with more than 100,000 customers across industries and municipalities and have a network of 178 certified recycling facilities across Europe – including our flagship facility, the Stena Nordic Recycling Center, in Sweden, where materials from a number of European countries are recycled. At Stena Nordic Recycling Center we design each process as a scalable concept, ready to implement at our recycling plants in for example Poland and Italy, from which we serve our markets outside the Nordic countries. This means we can offer the same high recycling rates and high-quality raw materials from recycling in all of our markets                                                                                                  

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