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Conference Background:
Asia INTL Li-ion Battery Recycling Summit 2022(AIBR 2022) will be held in Incheon,Korea from Nov.15th to Nov.17th,2022.
We are happy to announce the on-site tour to Carbon X Korea factory will be one of the highlights of the upcoming event

Conference location: Incheon,Korea
Co-organizer:Carbon X Korea
Schedule:Plenary conference + On-site Visit
On-site visit:Hangil Industry Co.,Ltd(Carbon X Korea factory)

Hangil Industry Co.,Ltd is a Hong Kong Li-X Global Group Holding Limited first subsidiary. The company was founded on the base of Joongshin Industry which was founded in 2018 mainly focusing on recycling Li-ion battery waste for reuse. The plant has an annual capacity of 24000 tons.

(Designated waste, 9,600tons;General waste,14,400tons)They are committed to building Li-ion battery recycling green environmental protection enterprises. It has become one of the most well-known environmental protection companies in South Korea

2022 confirmed Sponsors and Exhibitors

Confirmed Speakers:

1,Hans Eric Melin,Managing Director, Circular Energy Storage

2,Dr.Y.T.Kim,Division Director, Korea Battery Industry Association

3,Jayden Goh,Group CEO,Carbon X

4,Pawandeep Singh Bawa,Vice President,Sourcing,Attero Recycling Pvt Ltd

5,Paul Yum,Head of new business development,SungEel HiTech

6,Kevin Chen,Managing Director,Shenzhen Ruicycle Technology Co.,Ltd

7,Chase Matthews,Founder and CEO,Kapiti Solutions

8,Steffen Hinderer,Director Process Development,BHS-Sonthofen GmbH

9,Fang Xin YI,Group Chairman,Carbon X

10,David Jang,Director of Asia Partnership,Ascend Elements, Inc

11,Mohamed Ben Sabban,General Manager,Econili Battery Europe

12,Johannes Roessner,Founder&General Manager,BT Advisor UG

13,Philipp Todtenhaupt,CEO,Ekato Systems Gmbh

14,Desmond Toh,Senior BD Manager,TES-AMM

15,Michael Friedman,Chief Commercial officer,Core Sustainable Technologiese

16,Michelle Lynch FRSC,Director of Enabled Future Limited

17,Jaehonh Park,Managing Director,PMGrow Group

18,Nils Wieczorek,Head of R&D,Stiftung GRS Batterien

19,Edward Chiang,Co-Founder & CEO,Moment Energy,Canada

20,Ryusuke Hayashi,Energy & Environment Investment Head of Mobility Business Innovation,Energy & Environment Investment,Inc

21,Timm Lux,Assoicate Director,Non-Ferrous Metals & Recycling,Boston Consulting Group

22,Siddharth Roy,Business Director,ACE Green Recycling Inc

23,Jeong-soo Sohn,Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources, Korea

24,Valérie Weigel,Relieve Project Director, Eramet

25,Imai Kenta, General Manager,VOLTA INC,Japan

26,Sam Lee,BD Director,Jay Youngtech Co.,Ltd

27,Jean Ough,Broad member,The International Lithium Association(ILiA)

More qualified speakers from Korea and China are on the way………


Registration/Booth/Speech/Sponsor Contact:Allen Yu Tel: +86-134-0206-8018 Email:alleny@gdmmc.org
Media Corporation Contact: YP YU
TEL:021-51827931-805 Email:yuyongpeng@gdmmc.org

O‍n-site Visit:

Carbon X Korea factory