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By the end of 2020, the number of new energy vehicles in China reached 4.92 million. In the same year, the sales volume of new energy passenger vehicles in Europe exceeded 1.367 million, surpassing China to become the champion of global new energy sales in 2020.With the continuous improvement of the ownership of new energy vehicles, power batteries enter the stage of large-scale decommissioning. The accumulative decommissioning amount of power batteries in China will reach 90.5GWh in 2022.The value chain of the whole life cycle of the power battery can be further improved through the cascade utilization, so as to give full play to the performance of the power battery and excavate the incremental value of the battery.

With the improvement of power battery quality and the increase of cycle times, the proportion of echelon utilization in decommissioned batteries increases gradually. At the same time, with the continuous progress of ladder utilization technology, ladder utilization is developing towards a more safe and reliable direction.

Organized by Jiangsu Huayou Energy Technology Co., Ltd, Supported by China EV 100, and co-organized by GDMMC, the 2021 First Huayou Lithium-ion Battery Estates Utilization International Summit will be held in Nanjing Zijing International Hotel from June 2nd to 3rd.The event form is both online and offline, around the theme "innovation value, build green resources", focus on lithium ion battery results of policy research, technology research and development, pilot and case sharing, invite domestic and foreign related research institutions and industry experts and representatives of enterprises and lithium ion battery arrangement in use of the hot issues for further discussion.


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*The 2nd life li-ion battery reuse challenge and market trends

*Case Study-The 2nd life Li-ion battery reuse in BYD

*Introduction of the 2nd life Li-ion battery reuse situation in China

*Rapid detection and sorting of the 2nd life battery

*Battery reuse from the state grid corpoation of China

*Introduction of the first 2nd life energy storage unit powered by use battery from BJEV

*The 2nd life EV Battery reuse situation from Yin-Long Bus

*Used battery diagnostics:performance and aging

*Battery Swapping services from NIO

*Experince sharing on Reused Li-ion batteries for application in residential,commercial and industry segments

*Case Study: Used EV Battery reuse in Daimler Mercedes-Benz Energy

*Re-Manufacture for used EV Batteries

*Home battery market with used EV Batteries

*Mobile EV charging powered by 2nd life batteries

*EV battery reuse and energy storage from 4R Energy

*Case Study-The 2nd life EV Battery reuse from GEM

*Next Generation battery & energy storage system

*Home battery makrket with used EV batteries

*Off Grid EV Charging infrastructure powered by the 2nd life EV Batteries

*Energy Storage of 2nd life EV Batteries from Wartsila

*Mobility as a service

*Energy storage powered by the 2nd life EV batteries from SAIC-GM-Wuling(SGMW)

*Reused of 2nd life EV Battery from BatteryLoop

*The 2nd life project with used BMW EV batteries

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