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Conference Background:

China International  Battery recycling 2018 which will be held on Sept 6- Sept 7, 2017 inShanghai, China

With the fast development of consumer electronics,electric cars, the whole world is facing serious problems causedby high lithium batteries & Electric vehicle power battery flowproduced every day. China is the largest supplier of consumer electronic & electricvehicle  in the world, Government isworking hard to help the recyclers and organization to dealing with e-Wasteproblem. we will gather together all the players in the supply chains todiscuss the latest development and research progress in battery management

Conference Highlight

Policy guidance & Market Review

Introduce the current situationof waste battery management regulations of the recovery process and the nextstep focus in China

Current status of battery recycling andbusiness opportunities in China

A closer look at battery recyclinglegislation in North America

Introduce the currentsituation of E-Waste implementation of the management regulations of therecovery process and the next step focus in China

•Impact of the EUlegislation on the EU Battery Industry

•Worldwide Policy andLegislation issues

•Lithium Batteries Transport& Safety issues in China

•Practice and exploration ofpromoting the power battery recycling and reuse of China TowerCompany

•Issues and activities oncollection and recycling of rechargeableBatteriesin Japan

•Introduction on WasteBattery recycling process in GEM

•Product Responsibility andEuropeanWide Take Back of IndustrialLi-Batteries – Legal andLogistic ,Challengesand Possible Solutions

•Trend in new recycling technologies 

•Auto Power BatteryRecycling Focus

•Introduction on BYD’s Ladder utilization

•Introduction on new energy car batteryrecycling management and Chinese car green disassembling system

•Auto Power Battery Recycling Program in Tesla

•Transport ofdamaged/defective Lithium-Ion batteries in the automotive industry

Conference at  glance: The 6th ChinaInternational E-Waste 2018 (Sept.6 to Sept 7, 2018)