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Conference Background:

The 7th Global Lion Battery Recycler Summit 2021 in Zoom virtual platform & Shanghai from Oct.26th to Oct.27th,2021.
We are happy to announce that the tour to Zhejiang Tianneng New Material Co.,Ltd will be one of the highlights of the upcoming GLBR 2021

Physical conference location: Crowne Plaza Shanghai(Panyu road 400, Changning District, Shanghai)
Conference Type: Zoom & Physically


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Speakers for the 7th Global Li-ion Battery Recyclers Summit:

1,Linda Gaines,Argonne National Laboratory, USA

2,Mr.Qian Shunqiao,President of Li-ion Battery Business, Tianneng Group

3,Freeman Hall,CEO, B2U Solotions

4,Bruce Xie,Product Manager & Technology Specialist E-Mobility at Volvo Group

5,Torsten Freund,Battery Passport Head of Project Management at Global Battery Alliance

6,Mr.Wei Bao,General Manager, Zhejiang Huayou Recycling Technology Ltd

7,Matthew Lumsden,CEO,Connected Energy Ltd

8,Gavin Harper, Faraday Institution Research Fellow,University of Birmingham

9,Ajoy Raychaudhuri,Battery and Recycling Foundation International

10,Tomasz Poznar,Executive Director Corporate Strategy ,A123 Systems

11,Markus Hackmann,Managing Director,E Mobility, P3 Automotive GmbH

12,Mr. Dengyi,Technical Center for Solid Waste and Chemicals Management, Ministry of Ecology and Environment

13,Vivian Tai,Senior Manager, Regional Lead of Circular Economy & Product Sustainability at DELL (Asia-Pacific, Japan & China)

14,Mr,Zhao Ming,Technical Head,GHTECH

15,Mr. Zhang Zhenzhong, Intl.cooperation Director,GEM(Wuhan)Co.,Ltd

16,Mr.Meng Xiao,General Manager,Cyclewell

17,Jayden Goh, Founder & CEO, EcoNiLi Battery Incorporation

18,Dawei Li, VP,Asia, Li-Cycle

19,Mr Hans Eric Melin,Managing Director, Circular Energy Storage

More qualified speakers are on the way………

Conference Highlights:

Registration/Booth/Speech/Sponsor Contact:Allen Yu Tel: 021-51827931-802 Email:alleny@gdmmc.org
Media Corporation Contact: Jackie Xie
TEL:021-51827931-805 Email:jackiex@gdmmc.org